Double Nada!

Well, my fearless leaders at Post-a-day did not give me a topic today…

I understand, we are all but mere mortals here, but it is kind of funny since this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened this year. & as far as I can remember, the whole objective here is to create a sense of discipline, or in some cases masochism (possibly even sadism, buy redirecting the posts to one’s Face Book wall?) by being consistent and showing up, to write something, regardless how trite and pointless it may be – every damn day!

At first, I considered taking a one-day vacation. But then I got bored – so here I am. Directionless and rambling on just the same. Impressive, no?

Anyhow, I am now just under the twenty day mark in the countdown to my big move to Alaska. I am kind of freaking out about saving up enough money (as if there were such a thing as “enough money”), and also about getting everything packed, shipped, and otherwise situated. I am really tired of my job, and it’s all I can do to tough out the last 15 shifts (& after 3 years, it should seem like a breeze, but it’s coming across more like purgatory) and I am sad to be leaving my dog behind till the spring time.

Beyond that I am nothing but happy, hopeful, and exited! & that is what I have to say for myself, when no one is telling me what to say 🙂

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