Na da

Try to think about nothing, for as long as you can. What happens? Describe it in a short post.

Well as usual, the best I could do was to focus on my breath – and that was nice, my mind has been going 1,000 miles a minute today, while I  sorted thru boxes of paperwork and utter randomness…

It was like relaxing an overworked muscle (is the brain a muscle? It’s something else, since it’s nervous tissue I think…& mine’s extra nervous! heh…)

anyhow – my ears were still working, and I can hear the freeway a few miles off, and then a car horn a bit closer, Mu is snoring a bit…

But I still got pretty quiet inside my head, till Dad started laughing out in the living room. He’s watching Tosh.0, which is pretty damn funny…-

I guess the main thing this made me notice is what a shit storm my mind is these days! Between work and moving, and all that comes with it. Am I always this spazzed out?


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