What one “luxury” do you refuse to live without?

So, I am moving to Alaska – from California, which is no small undertaking…

I am packing up and shipping off all sorts of things that most people would likely let go of, but I have this “library complex”. Which means I sort through and organize hundreds of movies, books, and CDs, pack them into little boxes, slather them in Gorilla tape, and ship them out (you would be surprised how reasonable media rate shipping is with the USPS…).

But, there is no book or movie that I would refuse to do without, and I am confident that these forms of media are widely popular enough that I’ll be able to find whatever I desire on Amazon, for (yet again) a very reasonable rate! The one thing that is harder to replace is my computer – I have a jigundo dinosaur of a hard drive that still runs XP (tho I am currently typing this up on my little sis’ lil’ Mac Book at the moment, & I find the keyboard most uncomfortable…) and I am going to check that heavy old bitch in a suitcase and fly her up to the land of the Midnight Sun.

Yes, I could go for something newer and sleeker, it is really just A computer (with an internet connection) that I truly refuse to go without. A computer keeps me in touch with friends and family, makes my book an actual possibility, and puts a music collection that would outweigh me if it were in CD form at my fingertips.

By my computer has all my favorite programs (except for that one I still need to install), she knows what I like, and what is most important to me – and comes with a stylish DE Hardy dragon desktop – and if she dies, I will make a new one.


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