What does love mean to you? We talk about love all the time, but rarely do we sit down and think about what it is, and how our behavior helps us get more or less of the kind of love we desire.

How does platonic love differ from romantic love? How does the love we get from a parent differ from the love we get from a friend? Or a dog? Is love a feeling or a set of behaviors?


I think that love is a very expansive thing. I think that in E=mc2, E is for energy, m is for mass, and c is the constant that is otherwise known a s love (or the speed of light, either way it adds up).

So in that respect, love is much more than a feeling or a mode of behavior, but it manages to encompass both of these definitions at the same time as well.

Love is why I set up the kitchen (and the juice bar) for the Crescent Cafe (god knows it wasn’t for the money!) – so the community that raised me these past 20 years might have some where healthy to eat (you’re welcome)… & love is why I am now leaving said community. I have found somewhere else, where  I feel I more legitimately belong now – and I have found someone with whom I would rather be with. Which may seem a little heartless of me to say. & it’s true… I will really miss my dog – but he will be up in a few months to join me – and furthermore; family is always family. The bond I have with them is solid enough that a little time and space isn’t going to harm anything.

So as much as love is something that surrounds me every day, it is still something that I am forever waiting to perfect, and moving towards. A lot of the time, I think that the real trick is simply letting love be – letting it happen.

& having the courage to remain present throughout. Which paradoxically as it may seem – can often, at the same time, mean leaving. Leaving behind all of the familiarity, and all of the platonic loves that surround and support you, for something greater.


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