Why is there evil in the world?

Well, I’m glad you asked, I totally know the answer to this one!

Evil is a by-product of duality…see I just watched the last installment of The Matrix trilogy, so this is what it looks like on film. So first there is Neo, but he has to have a balancing force; his shadow or duo. & that is Mr. Smith.

But then Smith gets all crazy and goes viral and then there are Smiths everywhere, so finally, Neo has to fight him. Or himself, really…

So then they are just duking it out, in the green rain, and both wearing very well tailored black jackets. And eventually they end up flying around, kicking and punching each other, which is pretty cool looking, you kind of have to admit…

One argument here might be that evil exists simply for the sake of good not getting overly bored – or complacent, might be a more appropriate term. But if you listen to Smith’s last lines, he is asking Neo (and rather audaciously, at that…) what the hell he is fighting for. Is it truth? Peace, or love…?

And Neo simply sez,-  because I choose to…

Which might sound simple and trite enough, but I think the dude is onto something here. It is the luxury of choice that makes this particular universe to especially extraordinary and unique.

In most universes it’s more like, “why don’t you just be god…and stick with that”

Only here do we have the option of being decadent and depraved, so that we might be able to strike a finer balance.

Or perhaps just entertain all of those better behaved universes.

Either or…

& if the connotation between the Smiths and Morrissey is still totally beyond you, then it is officially past your bedtime…Nighty-night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs go viral and nibble you down to bare skeletal remains before the morning light!


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