5 Books

List the 5 most important books you’ve ever read. Don’t think too much, just get a pen, or open a new post, and start listing books. When you’re done, go book and write a sentence or two about why each book ended up on your list. Do you think those books would have been more or less important had you read them at a different time in your life? Or would each one have effected you just as much regardless of when you read them?

1. The Secret Garden

This was the first book that really took me somewhere. I was 9 or ten when I read it, and it was a fantastic experience. I was in England! Actually I have never been, but in the pages of that book, I could actually smell the hint of spice hanging in the fog off the moor.

2. Atlas Shrugged

This book is huge, literally… Bigass, heavy book…beautiful storytelling, and a dose of mind-blowing, revolutionary philosophy, in Rand’s own Objectivism. Do I agree with the entirety of this philosophy? Probably not…Did I read all of John Galt’s speech? Certainly not! However I do think that there are some very important points that are made by Ayn – &  it was actually how directly in the face of “morality” that her theory flies, that drew me into it.

3. The Fountainhead

Yep, more Rand! This book is lighter, in context as well a physical bulk, and perhaps the story telling is actually richer. There is also a good bit of architectural learning to be had from this book..oh, and the love story is better. 😉

4. The Razors Edge

I couldn’t get near this book till Bill Murray did me the favor of putting his face on Larry, the protagonist. This book has it all, love, loss, travel to far away lands, rises and fall into and out of riches… It’s amazing and inspiring.

5. Slow Sex

OK! So I actually just started this one – but honestly folks, I think this might be a new transformation in my life. And isn’t that the true magic of books? That they can come so quietly into one’s life, and then just turn that bitch around! This book is based on the precept of Orgasmic Meditation, or OM, get it? It’s a pretty funny pun…as good as a pun can get, really. & no, I’m not giving away any of the details. Get yr OWN copy!



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