In tha House

Describe your dream house.  Where is it? What rooms does it have? How would you design the floorplan? Would you do in the layout and style of the house if there were no restrictions on expense or location?

My dream house is in Juneau, Alaska – on Distin Ave. It is currently a dingy yellow color on the outside, but I hope to paint it a deeper burnt sienna color. From this house you can easily see the Alaskan Govenor’s Mansion, where Sarah Palin would have lived, had she ever deigned to move there, which she didn’t, so her popularity is down considerably in the capitol…

In the other direction, the house commands a view of Gastineau Channel as well as Douglas Island. It is a short walk from downtown, which is chock full of good eats, bars, book stores, and the cutest little natural foods store you could imagine – Rainbow Foods! How gay…!  😉

The floorplan is pretty simple, but as far as who belongs where, I believe there is a fair amount of shuffling around to be done. The bottom floor has a large workshop room, with a rather odd little bathroom in it, this is where I want to build the sauna…Then there is a open space, with the boiler, and hot water heater (these need to be replaced with more efficient, energy star – type models) as well as the washer and dryer, and then there is another room that is finished…

Up the stairs into the kitchen, which is fairly spacious, with a dining nook that has wonderful large windows – which I intend to fill up with potted plants.

Then another bathroom, the only one with a tub, and two large common rooms, these look out over the town and the water.  There is a bedroom on this floor with french doors, a pretty fancy affair – but it is the top floor that is my personal favorite.

Here there are two more bedrooms, adjoined by a small bathroom, and then one last room, which may have originally been a deck, at most. This room has been more or less been  tacked onto the top of the roof, & it seems to be on there securely enough, so I am hoping to make it my office. And god knows that if I am going to be shelling out $500 a month, one of these many rooms is gonna have to be my own private space – understood?!

And finally, there is a lovely yard in the back, that needs to be fenced, and would do quite well with a few levels of terracing, but most of all – I would like to put up a sturdy little green house – in which I intend to grow a few strains of tomatoes, as well as a few strains of Mary Jane.



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