Food Fight

Recently Rupert Murdoch, as part of investigation into corruption at one of his newspapers,  was attacked in courtroom by someone wielding a custard pie. Historically, people used to throw food at other people as a sign of protest, particularly eggs and tomatoes.

Would you ever throw food at anyone? Perhaps in a college dorm food fight? Or have you ever had food thrown at you? Tell the first story that comes to mind.

As a cook, working with other cooks, many of whom are silly, I get food thrown at me often… & I have and would throw(n) food on a variety of occasions!

The first story that came to my mind was an almost-date with a friend of mine, and he said something inappropriate, and I tossed a half a pint of beer in his face – which was probably also inappropriate…

That’s a lotta beer to be letting loose!


2 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. steph says:

    Aaron once slapped me in the face with a bunch of Kale. I was like “WTF? What was that for?” He said, “What? Rya liked it when I did it to her.” haha!

  2. Rya says:

    Yay! I love that boy, especially when he kale-slaps me! 8)

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