How many friends can a person have? According to a theory called Dunbar’s number, we may have a maximum limit to how many people we can maintain relationships with – around 100 to 230 people. As the theory goes, our brains simply can’t manage more.

How many good or close friends do you think a person can have? What happens if they try to maintain more than that? Is there a fixed number, or are there things are person can do to be connected to more people? What about social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

I think Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, with friends, old and new, and also with family. But I don’t think that FB friending really constitutes a relationship – it is a supplement, at best!

I’ll be honest, I don’t care how many people I can possibly manage to be friends with. I actually don’t even like to have very many! I get to hang out with my best friend tonight, something  I have not had the privilege of doing since Halloween! She lives in Australia…

We have been friends for about 20 years now, and for girls in their early 30’s (yes, we ARE still girls) – that is saying something! I think that one solid friendship like we have is worth a hundred fair-weather friends, any day!


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