Note to Self…

Write a short letter to yourself, to be read one year from now. You don’t have to post the entire letter, but you do have to a) write it b) post about what surprised you the most about what you wrote, or whether you found the experience interesting or not.

And don’t forget to set a reminder in your calendar to read it in one year.


July 17th, 2011

Dear Rya~

Hi Darlin, how are ya? I do hope you are still in Juneau, and happy. I only say that because so many people tell me lately, that I can always come back. Which may well be true, but these people don’t really understand the whole story, now do they?

There is a lot at stake from where I currently sit, but I am feeling quite good, and confident… I will always think of Truckee as my home town, & with gratitude – but for fuck sake, how long have I been trying to get out of here, and DO something with my life? A long time, indeed…

Putting together the New Moon kitchen has been a great accomplishment, perhaps my best yet! And I am so glad I could help to bring good food to the community that brought me up, but I really think I have done my time here! And this little town has changed so much.

So in case you haven’t already, don’t forget to publish that cook book – & give my love to Sam and Daisy!

♥ Rya


b) That was good, I don’t know that I was too surprised by the content, once I decided what tack to take. But I was interested to see that “getting out of Truckee”served as the most pivotal, yet neutral point to focus on. I don’t know that I would post anything too personal – namely work or relationships. I think the best thing for me to do now is to let those elements follow their own course, and only get others involved if it is their business. However getting out of this house, this job, and this town – as cleanly and concisely as possible is my most pressing priority!

c) & yes, I put a reminder in my iPod calendar, for 7/17/12, to reread this.





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