Books Vs. Movies

Can a movie be better than the book it was based on? What examples come to mind? Or is it sometimes just a matter of which version you see first, as that will define the story for you, regardless of which version was made first?

Well the first example that came to mind is The Green Mile, because that is a great movie, and I thought it was based on a Stephen King short story. But then I just looked it up on Wiki, and apparently it was a serial novel, or six short stories that all came out in ’96.

So that tells me that I never read them, because I’m pretty sure I’d remember that. But if nothing else, at least it was a good movie based on King’s writings… which is something of a rare occurrence (Kubrick’s The Shining is the only other King movie that sticks out as being even comparable to the quality of the books – unless you are really into kitschy horror flicks – which I am – but I digress…)

Eat Pray Love – did not get good reviews, but I really liked the film – better than the book. And finally, seeing Bill Murray’s version of the Razor’s Edge was the key to me being able to get into the book – which was still superior to the film – but Murray brought the main character, Larry to life for me. Thanks Bill!

But on the whole – there is not much evidence that a movie can easily out do a book. Books just have so much more substance and detail!

Now I want to read the Green Mile books…

One thought on “Books Vs. Movies

  1. Rya says:

    Ha! Shawshank Redemption WAS a King short story first – I thought so, but couldn’t remember for sure…that is my #1 example of a movie showing up a book. Hmph…

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