When is it acceptable to kill things? People? Animals? Plants? Ideas? Dreams?

I really try not to kill anything, ever. Not even mosquitoes.

But death happens…

I will put a bug down if it’s obviously, permanently damaged…I often suggest it come back as a bird or something more pleasant next time – I don’t know if they really take my advice to heart tho.

I think it is best to live and let live – and this applies to concepts as well. It is my practice to simply walk away when a dream or ideas no longer serves me – but I try not to snuff anything out entirely.

I have walked away from businesses and relationships, and tho it might not be entirely agreeable to those I leave behind, at least I never jab an ice pick through anyone’s eye! (Aren’t I thoughtful?)

Now plants, I have killed…I have done my share of weeding in the garden, and I was a vegetarian for some years – a vegetarian chef even! So there is a lot of chlorophyll on my hands – but I do my best to take the lives of plants with consideration, and I  offer them vegetative reincarnation counseling as well. It’s all in the name of the golden rule – do unto others as you would have done unto you. And I think I am particularly empathetic to plants, since I am – obviously, a fruit.




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