Describe a perfect meal. What will you eat? Who is there? Are you outside, or inside with a view? A view of what? It can be an imagined place and meal, or a real experience you want to have someday.

Yay! I like this this game…So first a bit of background… I am a cook, by trade, so I spend the bulk of my days, up to my elbows in food. Today I made two soups, both about 14 quarts, or liters, each. That is basically enough to take a bath in – should you feel inclined to  bathe in Vegan Chili &/or Potato Tomato & Basil bisque (which, I really don’t recommend…)

And so now, I am currently having for dinner – yet another chicken pot pie. Most times I will have B;ake’s CPP, it is organic and quite tasty, but this evening it is Marie Calender’s, cheaper – and therefore the meat is a bit more questionable, so I used a thermometer to ensure that it was internally heated to well over 165*.

This is to ensure that any possible bacteria from; the chickens being squeezed into tiny cages, that fill a giant warehouse of a room, where the birds are most lucky if they manage to mature properly and completely – but more notably, that all but the top tier of chickens are getting shitted ammoniatic bird poo on their heads and backs (& what is is that gains a chicken rights to the top tier? Is it breast weight? or just karma, perhaps?) – has been killed.

Such is the quandary of sub-par meat…

But at the end of a day full of food prep – illustrious as my ingredients may be – I really don’t want to deal with much more cooking, unless it is a special occasion. But one thing that I am ALWAYS  down for, is a dinner out! Which is perhaps, hypocritical of me, but whatever, I really don’t give a shit.

So, let us fantasize, this perfect meal…First and foremost, I would like to address the topic of company. & I am going to go out on a limb here. I would like to have dinner with my boyfriend, Sam. There are many people in this world that I love dearly, and would also like to have a meal with, to be sure. & I even contemplated having this meal with all of them! Pepper, my parents, Daisy, my beautiful sisters – and I could go on – but again, in response to my over-exposure of people and food…I mean really, you would not believe how much time I spend cleaning up after people! It’s gross! & I’m tired of it – and if I find myself in a room full of people and food, I will simply take charge and get to work – even if it’s not my gig – it is just my nature…

So – let’s stick with Sam, who I miss terribly, and we will have dinner. From the top of the tram in Juneau. I’m not sure if they even do dinners up there, but that’s what I want. I have never been up there myself, but according to a photo Sam sent me today, it commands a view of the Gastineau Channel.

For the meal, I would stick with the classics…a brie fondue for a starter (like they serve at the Zephyr) a bottle of…Zin? Steak, potatoes, and some veggie or other done up fancy…and then Tiramisu for dessert. & none of that wannabe knock-off shise either please…I want real Lady Fingers, soaked in good rum, with Mascarpone cheese and good quality cocoa on the top – I also want caramel suace, raspberry sauce, and chocolate sauce on the top AND I would like a cappuccino, properly frothed. With a little heart/flowery pattern in the foam.

And that should do.


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