Write about your earliest memory, or the strongest early memory that comes to mind.

My Aunt & Uncle live in a small town on the coast of Northern California. My parents and I lived there as well, from the time I was about two, until I was five. Ever since it has been the main place our extended family has gotten together for big holidays and gatherings – mebe not as much these days, but as a kid, their house always gave me a feeling of  safety and happiness…

One of the houses we lived in was very close to theirs, & connecting the two homes was a large field, which of course is all newer houses these days. But it used to be an overgrown meadow with a swampy little pond at the back, & my first vivid memory is of running through the field, with the grass nearly twice as tall as I was!

My cousin and I would catch snakes and tadpoles, and we would make forts by matting down the grass in a little circle, and then hang out in the alcove having tea parties and the like (with tadpoles for guests!). But it is this singular occasion, before I was old enough to run off an play with my cousin…I think mom must have been walking with me over to their house, and she let me tear off into the grass a short ways?

There is a purity to this memory that I cannot find in real life all to often any longer. The light and the grass were golden, and the air smelled of hay, and there was a rustling and whisping sound, as I parted my way through the grasses.

& I was very happy.

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  1. steph says:

    I like this post 🙂

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