Boundary line

How do you know where your boundaries are?

We all have limits for what we are willing to try, or do, but how do you know that you haven’t gone far enough? Or when you go too far?

Well, as they say, only time will tell. And time & time again, I have defined my boundaries by going too far.

I know what makes me uncomfortable, because I have been severely discomfited by my willingness to try just about anything. In fact, I am almost convinced that the few lines I have not crossed, have been more or less pre-ordained for me to not experience – until I was given a fine example (or seven) as to why I shouldn’t.

Por exemplo, Heroin. Dead friend in the bathtub = mebe you don’t wanna go there…

It’s like those terrible experiments they do on little mice…give them a pleasure button, and they will hit that shit until they die of starvation. Give em a pain button and they quit. And that is mammalian evolution in a nutshell.


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