Laaazy busy!

Are you too lazy or too busy?

Bonus: Why is it so hard to find a balance? Do you know anyone who has a better balance than you do? What do you think their secret is?


I don’t know anyone who has a grip on this… 9 times out of 10, I am too busy, but when I get lazy – I am magnificently so…I am hoping to strike some sort of a balance this fall and winter – by working on my book – but I am pretty sure I’ll need at least a part time job as well…

I am moving to Alaska soon, which is a pretty big undertaking, and in an attempt to be proactive – I am already packing…I have a LOT of stuff (most of which is getting downsized, one round at a time…).At the moment, my room is an absolute madness of boxes, books, music, movies, stuff that is not so easily categorized…it is everywhere, which is a little bit annoying, since I have really accomplished a great deal in the past few days, but all that is visibly apparent is the mess I’ve made!

I go back to work tomorrow, which is the other faction of my personal goals for the next to months – to make as much, and spend as little, money as I can possibly manage  – & we’ll see how that works out!

But I will say that the 4th of July was just about the laziest day I have had in some time. I was feeling pretty horrible (confession – I was hung over like a dog – after puking the night before, a rare occasion that only makes it that much more debilitating!) and instead of going to work I just slept on the couch with a movie playing and force fed myself ginger-ale. But really, I did not accomplish a single damn thing that day – didn’t even see the fireworks…and that is some laziness I can be proud of…that’s as close as I can get to balance.


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