Push ups

One health story making the rounds is how sitting too much all day will kill you. Since you are likely seated as you read this, don’t panic. We want to help.

Since we here at WordPress.com want you around, and blogging, forever, we’d like you to get up, right now, and do some push-ups. How many do you think you can do? Write it down. Then go do ’em. And write a blog post about the results. Did it feel good? Did you do more or less than you guessed?

According to fitness scientists, a 40 year old woman should be able to do 16. A man, 27. And Jack LaLanne was doing push-ups into his 90s.

Well I did 16, even though yesterday was my 32nd birthday & not my 40th!
However I did climb up & down a big Alaskan mountain yesterday & the day before, so I’m a bit tired & sore…
& as we were hiking down, with our big, heavy packs, there was some guy with no pack going up, but was wearing a navy seals hat, & panting like a pup.
So perhaps neing able to drop & give you 50 isn’t the end all be all…?


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