Rya rhymes with riot (kind of)

What would cause you to protest or riot for something?

Background: Last night riots broke out in Vancouver, after their hockey team lost in the NHL finals. Many people have criticized the people and the city for being so destructive over a sport. But people are very passionate about sports. What are you passionate enough to participate in a protest? Or a riot? Or is there nothing at all?

You know, I have always wanted to run rampant in the streets and break shit – but I take pains not to actually go there…

I think I have almost protested once or twice, more for kicks than anything else, and we usually got bored and split before the camera crews arrived or what have you.

I suppose I would get involved if there was a truly pressing issue and I felt that an actual impact could be made. I think the best example of this is the recent protests in Wisconsin regarding worker’s rights…

But I live in Cali, we have some pretty nice progressive laws here, and I am in a fairly rural setting, so it is easy to forget that the entire world does not look and act like Tahoe – which is likely for the best.

Point being, I acknowledge that I am spoiled…but I will contentedly remain so, until there is something immediately worth yelling about, and I feel that getting out an yelling might really have a positive impact. Until then, I pretty much keep to myself…

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