Take revenge (or pity) on your least favorite school teacher – write about what you’d say to them now that you’re older and can talk to them as an adult.

I had a math teacher I didn’t always get along with…math has never been my strong suit, but there were more personal issues at hand that concerned me.

Once when he was ignoring a friend of mine, who’d had her hand raised for some time, in hopes of figuring out a mathematical concept – I raised my hand. He called on me – I said “I think so-&-so has a question…” he said if he wanted to hear her question he would call on her. I don’t even recall what I said back, but I was certainly startled by his stark disregard…

So I said whatever, and then he said something back that had the phrase “shut up” lodged in there somewhere. And here’s me, doing my best to endure all these years of public schooling, and the monotonously repeated epithet of “don’t tell any one to shut up” because it’s rude, and can’t you be more constructive anyhow?

And now here is a teacher, telling me to shut up, in front of the class!?…So I called the guy out, and was like – what are you talking about? Did you really just say that to me? & I was then sent to the vice-principals, and then my parents got called in too. And as far as I can remember, we all had these, “I can’t believe this is happening” smiles of incredulity on out faces…and that’s really all there was to it.

Years later, said teacher came in to the restaurant – that I owned – and went on en voz alta about how teaching had never been his true calling and all that – & I pretty much just ignored him – I mean I was like, 26 or something, you cant expect me to be the bigger person there, right?

So in a sense, I have gotten some sort of closeure there. But today, if I saw the guy, and we actually ended up in a conversation about it (which, I think I would still avoid…) I would probably thank the guy, for being the first one to teach me, clearly and by example, that the world simply is not FAIR! It is full to the gills with hypocrisy and that’s really all there is too it. And if you want to step up and defend someone when you bear witness to injustice – good for you.

But that act of bravery is but the lynch pin to however much grief there may be, lying in wait behind the original veil of injustice. So – before you go about taking on other people’s battles – make sure your ass is ready for a fight.


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