How do you decide what risks to take?

Well, these days, I think I have a whole new set of rules.

I used to go for whatever looked fun, or exiting, and I have always had trouble passing up a dare. But I have gotten myself into enough trouble by now, that I am not just looking for kicks any longer.

The kicks can kick back!

So these days, I listen to my heart, goddammit! How cliche is that? But it works…

I try to only go out on a limb if there is something to be gained from it. Hell, sometimes I even take risks on the behalf of others! Not all the time, mind you – but it has happened. & I do not always take the high road, there is still some stupid shit going on around here – a little karmic damage from time to time…

But I have raised the bar, or perhaps switched to a finer sieve, where not as much bullshit can get through as before.

So that is something…

I think.


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