Pick something you don’t like, and choose to accept it. Think of something in the world, or about your neighbor or partner, that you don’t particularly like. Now choose to accept it. You don’t have to like it of course, but can you accept it and find something else to focus your energy on?

Bonus: Can we choose what we accept and what we don’t? What determines why? How do we know if accepting a truth about the universe (e.g. that we will die) is healthy for us, or condoning something we could possibly change if we refused to accept?

I would like to go for the double entendre here and say that what I dislike is, choice itself.

Of course it is wonderful that we are given the luxury of choice, but it is rather the idea of either/or that disturbs me. Which is likely a primary reason why I have taken so strongly to Buddhism’s third way.

The Way, baby.

Why choose one or the other? Like or dis-like, have or have not, this or that and good or bad…

I will take both and neither, thank you very much/fuck off…

Bonus: Not planning on dying either, thanks for asking tho – much to passe for me 😉


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