Fukushima, revisited…

Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction. Perhaps Darth Vader isn’t Luke’s father. Or maybe Nixon was never elected president. Pick any story, true or fiction, from the real world or a book or movie, and change the last few pages or moments of the story.

Think about an ending that has always bothered you or you thought could have been better. Now is your chance to fix it.

On March 11th, a terrible earthquake shook the island of Japan.

It was soon followed by a great tsunami that leveled villages by the score…

On the North Eastern coast of the island, stood a nuclear power plant, which was badly damaged by these events. Explosions began to ricochet through the three reactors, and workers were evacuated.

However some few brave employees of the plant stayed behind, to contain the situation – and miraculously, they were able to restore power to the control panels, so the water cooling systems could be operational once more.

They were remembered from then on as great heroes.

Ah, fiction…


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