Heart Attack!

Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten. How did you feel afterwards?

Bonus: Did you eat it by choice? Did others eat it with you? Under what circumstances would you do it again?

Across the street from the health food store where I work, there is an old-school little bakery called the Treat Box.  They mostly do doughnuts and over-frosted cakes, but then they also make a chicken pot pie that is notoriously tasty, and a few breakfast items as well.

The most profound thing that graces their menu is the Heart Attack; it is a breakfast sandwich, on a hoagie roll, with bacon, cheese, two eggs, and two hamburger patties side by side. It’s freaking delicious – I think you are allowed to consume two or three in each mortal lifetime before you are sent directly to hell.

It greases up yer guts pretty well, but it did not kill me on contact… I did share with some curious co-workers, so that may be they key to survival. I would eat one again if I was really hungry and some one handed me one. Don’t know that I’d voluntarily cross the street and buy one myself tho…

Bon Appetit!

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