Kate Rules

Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore.

Bonus: What changed?  If you had to pick one of your beliefs right now that is most likely to change in the future, what would it be?

Well I used to believe that all that stuff about a common girl becoming a real princess was a bunch of malarkey…But after watching some of the now incessant coverage of Kate Middleton, my faith is renewed!

I know the whole thing has been grotesquely blown out of proportion, as we humans tend to do…and that the British tax payers are footing the bill for much of the festivities, but all the same, I think the whole thing is just thrilling.

So fucking sue me for saying it, but aren’t they quite obviously in love, and she is so graceful, and lovely , and devoted to that sweet little prince!! OK, I’m done, but I do think I am altered from the experience already – and omigod – what IS she going to wear!?!

As far as my personal beliefs for myself are concerned, I would like to take a cue from young Kathryn and see if I can’t possibly remove some of the hinderances I place upon myself, in terms of what is possible in one’s life.

So there.


One thought on “Kate Rules

  1. Rya says:

    Whoops, I spelled Her Highness’s name wrong! My apologies, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge!
    Cheers 😉

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