The Baldwin

Describe your first encounter with a celebrity

Bonus: What celebrity would you most want to meet? Least?
Well, when I was little, I saw Robin Williams across the lobby at Alpine Meadows where he sometimes skis, but I didn’t bother him since he already had a crowd around him. So that was pretty cool…

But my favorite is that I once served Alec Baldwin breakfast at the Diner, way back before I ever owned the place. He got one of our egg dishes and toast, I think – but I remember for sure that he had a cappuccino, because we totally screwed it up!

He asked for the shot separate from the steamed milk, so I brought each out on their own little saucers, and since we were all so eager to please the man, they were both full to the brim… I suppose he could have sipped them down a bit, or perhaps he assumed the froth would have been a bit stiffer & dryer, but alas, it was not. So he poured the espresso into the milk, and the whole thing just overflowed onto the table…

I cleaned it up as quick as I could, and he was pleasant enough about it all, despite the fact that he had to take a call from his lawyer (& we don’t allow cell phones in the dining room, even if you are Alec Baldwin) and I believe he was right in the thick of his divorce from Kim Bassinger!

So that is pretty much my claim to fame, and every time I see him in the movies or on TV I think, yeah…we go back.

My next celebrity that I would like to meet is Anthony Bourdain, that guy’s tough as nails! & my least anticipated?…Donald Trump!


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