Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works.

Are you sick of the long lines at the DMV? Bothered by waiting in the doctors office without being told how long you have to wait? Pick something that annoyed you yesterday, and describe how you would redesign or change it to make your annoyances go away.

You know what? This is a really fantastic idea, and herein lies the keys to the future – resolution to problems uncounted & untold.

But honestly, tonight, I am too tired and too moody to even attempt going there. I am at rock bottom – ground zero. Which is not the worst place to be. A girl needs to get in touch with her foundation from time to time.

But just not too often, please. As much as this is what my bedrock may be made of, it is dark and dank, and drippy – & here be gollums…

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