Liquor license

When did you realize you were an adult? (If you haven’t yet, when do you think you will?)

It was the Diner that taught me I was a big girl, & I have a specific moment…

It takes a long time to be approved for a liquor license, in between here & there, you can get temporary permits. I had been getting mine at city hall for some time, but they moved the city hall office to the big CalNeva building, & expanded their staff. So I ended up going in and buying one of these overpriced permits from some lady I dinna know…

I went up and said, I need a temporary liquor permit

The lady said for what?

I said, for a restaurant…

She asked which one, and I told her

She asked, how are you involved in the business?

I said, I am the owner…

She said No you’re not!

I said yes – I am, why don’t you go ahead and look it up on your computer and check?

Meanwhile I’m thinking, Bitch, I bought that stupid suit for you with all of these exorbitant fees the city is charging me, shut the hell up and give me my overpriced piece of paper!!!

So she checked, and came back saying, sheepishly – I’m sorry, you just look so young…

& I do, I still even get carded for cigs, even now at 31 – but that does not mean I ain’t grown.



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