What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Bonus: what is the worst gift you’ve ever received? (Think re-gifting)

I am going to say that the best gift has been this iPod! I received an iPod just before it, from Pep, which was very dear to me. But like a dummy, I must have dropped it, somewhere between my car and where I work. & like a smartie, someone else must have picked it up and taken it to a new home.
I was very sad, & cried to my dad about it. He went out an bought me this one for…was it my birthday, or Christmas!? I’m sure it was one of the two biggies, but I honestly can’t remember which – which is pretty silly since my birthday is mid-June & Christmas is…well you know when Christmas is.
So – I should digress and add now, that I have received many beautiful, thoughtful,& incredibly useful gifts over the years. But this little iPod touch, not an iPhone, not an iPad… But just the dinky little pod with it’s paltry 8 gigs of memory – is truly a gift from the gods!
I am typing this blog on it right now! Then I will finish checking my emails, and probably not even turn on my computer at all today – which is quite the luxury since it is my day off…
I play my favorite music on here all day. On my headphones, in my car, or on her little speaker dock here in my room.
She has also been a key factor in my getting to know a special someone that I am going up to see in two weeks. We have been using the text plus app, which gives you free unlimited texts, and this way I can use the Apple designed keypad which is a billion times better than my old hand-me-down phone’s.
I do think all of these tasks may have begun to overwhelm her, since sometimes my texts arrive out of order, and sometimes she gets a tad bit glitchy, but that might just be because I have drooped her on her little head a few times too many…
But she is hanging in there! Good lass:)
Oh, and finally – she enables me to play Words With Friends! Which I am totally addicted to – yay!

Worst gift…clothes I know I’ll never wear (just smile & say thank you…!)


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