If you could script tonights dream, would would the plot be?

Bonus topic: There is a concept called lucid dreaming, where people are able to have some control over their dreams. Have you ever had a lucid dream? Would you want one?

It seems like, just about every day of my life lately, I wake up to a day where I am going back to work, yet again. Many of these days I am waking up to a day that holds in store for me, a double shift – not exactly an entirely doubled shift – but a good 11 to 12 hours, at the store, working as long and consistently as I can push myself to endure.

The one and only thing that is keeping me going – giving me the strength to drag my ass out of bed, each of these mornings where so much work awaits, is the fact that I have a week and a half or so, coming up – during which I am going to my beloved Alaska, where I have not been for a solid decade now(!)…and I am going to have fun, and adventures, and see people that I have been missing for some time now.

If I could book ahead, on where my dreams would take me tonight – it would be for the day that I am there, in AK and off to catch the ferry out to Gustavus. I will be seeing a dear old friend’s new gift shop, where she makes her own hand-crafted indigenous art, and then she will be taking me and another friend of mine out to the park where I returned to year after year, when I was young and fearless.

I’m sure in the dream things would be strange and ephemeral, whereas when I go in person, I am expecting them to be somewhat unchanged…but who can say what may be, in dreams, or the waking world – at any given moment.

All the same, I never have tapped into the world of lucid dreaming, I typically consider myself lucky to even remember a scrap of dream & where it took me, but I would certainly be game, to try out the experience, at least!


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