Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

Bonus: Somewhere in the middle is voicemail. It used to be that voicemail, or messages on your answering machine (remember those?) was a sign of social significance, but how do you feel about voicemail now? Would you rather get an email, a text message, or a voice mail? Why?

I have been texting quite a bit lately, apparently all the kids are doing it. & it really is quite convenient, you can either have a pretty full “conversation”, or if you are busy, the text just sits & waits patiently for your return.

I can text on my iPod, wherever I have a wifi connection, so it is almost like having an iPhone… they really do have the most clever keypad…although the auto correct can be a pain when you are using made up words, which is something I often enjoy.

Voice mail still has a place in my heart, and I am actually rather peeved when people call, especially repeatedly, and don’t leave a damn message! Just let me know what is up, and then when & if I do call back, we have somewhere to start, rather than from scratch.

But yes, it is rather funny how our habits are essentially forced to adhere to the latest technological breakthroughs! At the end of the day though, there is little that replaces a real conversation – and even the phone is something of a long shot away from sitting down over coffee, or wine, or a bottle of water, and having a chat.

The drink, or setting is not so important as the magic of human communication, when engaged by all of the senses…


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