What’s the most on fire you’ve ever been? Figuratively, literally, whatever.

Well one time, we had a Scout International – they don’t make em anymore, but it’s like an old Ford Bronco.
It was Dad’s car & he had left a really greasy shop rag sitting right on an old extra car battery, this little disastrous pile was in the back seat of the Scout…
The battery must have sparked, and the spark landed on the greasy rag & the next thing we know the damn truck was on fire!
Mom called the fire department, but dad just ran out & doused the whole show with baking soda, I think it was – before they even arrived. Which was a good thing, since if the fire had spread just a teeny bit more, the gas tank very well may have blown which, in turn may have set fire to the house & surrounding neighborhood.
That’s all I got…


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