Machete don’t draft…

Go to your drafts folder and finish an old post

We’re almost done with month 3 here at daily post. I’m sure you have a post, or six, that you started but never quite finished. Today, go back and grab a half-written post and just get it done.

No actually, I don’t draft. I write my shit & get out.

I have been accused, of perpetuating something reminiscent of “amateur night” in my works and deeds – and I would challenge those who might speak so – to do it better.

I am not fucking around here – I don’t do accidents, I don’t get sick, there is no hangover that can get me down. I do things, all day – every day that most people can’t even wrap their heads around – and I do it with a buzz on.

& you all want to sit back, making suggestions, requests and inquiries, which I do my best to take in – sometimes even hear out. But most of the time I just phase you out, smile pasted on face and think to myself, on a feedback loop.

Whatever, man.

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