Missed Approach

What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

Bonus: If you don’t take buses often, how about on an airplane? While driving to work? While walking home from school? And if nothing strange has ever happened to you while using transportation of any kind, what is the strangest thing you can think of that you wish had happened to you while using transportation?

I have only been on a handful of buses – possibly more aero-planes, actually.

Wierdest thing that ever happened on a plane was; when we were coming in for a landing over Juneau – through clouds and snow, and as we came down out of the clouds, & what was there below us?

No runway, but the dark & steely waves of the sea! We had gotten off course… the pilot pulled up on the airplane controller thingys real quick like and we tried landing again – down in Ketchican, where the weather was lighter.

They lady I was sitting next to and I had instantly decided to be friends, the plane got more fuel and we all went back around to Juneau a few hours later, with a much cleaner landing.

Hopefully this will not happen again when I head back up in 3 weeks!

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