Drink up…

How do you find your muse?

When you sit down to blog, or have a creative project of any kind you need to work on, how do you get yourself motivated to do it? What are your rituals or habits?

Coffee coffee coffee!!

If it’s early. My day is invariably a better one, if I can take the time to brew a pot of joe, and then sit and write for a spell in the morning…

I have a journal that I began on the 6th of this month, and I have already blown through 3/4 of it’s 160 pages. They are fairly wide-ruled, and I have torn out 3 or 4 sheets to write down phone numbers and shopping lists. But still, that’s a good 100+ pages, in under two weeks. Thank you very much, coffee.

Of course if it’s late, then wine is the way to go, also a stimulant, but won’t keep me up jittering around all night! I also like to play some music, either instrumental, or if there are lyrics then they need to be non-intrusive and pleasant to the ear. I guess if I was pissed off and writing some sort of revolutionary manifesto then Tool or Fugazi would work… but these days, this is more my frame of mind.

From Her Eyes by Mara Hruby


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