Chocolate or vanilla?

Why? Give an example.

Chocolate is the food of the Gods, it is full of antioxidants, it gives you a rush of endorphins, including dopamine (they call it dope for a reason, dude) the body’s resident opiates. There is none higher…

However, in defense of vanilla, it is not so plain Jane as it sounds… Vanilla is derived from the seed pods of a specific orchid, and orchids are the worlds coolest, and most exotic, sexy flowers… I really love a fine bourbon vanilla, just straight out of the bottle, or blended in with that first draft of any cake or cookie batter…butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla. It is so delicious and forbidden!

But at the end of the day, chocolate can really do a number or two, that vanilla just cannot contend with. With vanilla, it is either liquor strong, or blended and faded into the background; making the creation whole, no doubt, but it can never really showcase itself, get in your face and get you off, like chocolate does.

But I love and need them both, thank you very much.



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