Home sweet home

If you could work from anywhere, where would you want to live?


I have always wanted to be a writer, & I don’t know that anyone who has ever read one or more posts of this blog is particularly impressed with my writing, per-se…but it is what I love to do…

It is what I do compulsively, for enjoyment, for relaxation, for relief. When I am writing, I am thinking, & this really only works at home, or out on the road…

I forgot to type up this entry yesterday (!), because my little sis, who got into Colombia U (that is in NYC) came up for the night, and we all went out to celebrate. I would like to say that this really was an exceptional occasion, and therefore I was quite distracted, and blew off a number of other important plans to accommodate the happening!

If I had been at home, like a good little homebody, then I would have tended to all of my chores, typed my post, and Skyped with Pep! I am most effecive from home – even while creating the backbone of the Crescent Cafe’s menu, all the nuts and bolts were assembled right here, on my freaking bed, with this keyboard perched between my knees. Perhaps some fine day, I might have a desk, with a chair…I actually have both of these things, but no space for them to actually work in tandem, so I put my bags in the chair, my glass of wine on the desk, and sit on the bed with the keyboard, whatever works, right?

So at the end of the day, I want to be a writer, but I still have a secret dream as well, of owning another restaurant…I would never want to be the kind of owner that is strictly off premise, I think it is important to be checking in at least twice a week or so – at least!! But at the same time, I think that sucessful owner ship is more or less defined by the ability of the business to function, even if you aren’t coming in… Tho it’s much better if you do.

One last point is, that if I am ever going to have any children of my own, I am pretty dead set on taking a few years off to raise them, each of them. I will not be procreating and then just dropping the little tykes off at some random day care. That is that, and there is no further discussion to be had on the point, except to note that if I were writing, I could still be “working” and raising tykes…but we’ll see.

And assuming that all of this miraculously fell into place and actually worked out, where I could have some creative time, some work time, and some personal time, then I would have to conclude that Alaska is looking pretty good, right about now.

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