If you could read minds for a day, would you?

So there was a Moonie, who indulged in a smidge (or more?) of Lucy this weekend. And they were in less than ideal shape by today…

I am not placing any judgment here, if I had the balls to, I would fry them – but I am in a delicate place these days.

In my experience, one of the most challenging aspects of a heavy trip, is knowing, quite clearly and concisely, what your cohorts are thinking. And beyond that, people who are in no way are associated with you – can become rather translucent in their thought patterns as well.

& perhaps the reason why this is all so hard to stomach, is that, it really isn’t all that different from the day to day norm… Or at least that is what I would say.

If I could gain clear and concise knowledge of the thoughts of those around me, I would take it. I really don’t think it is so far off of the mark from what we surmise on a day to day basis. Yes, it is discomforting, to know with any dose of clarity, what any one individual might be thinking about you, your, mother, your dog – your outfit (why are you wearing that?).

But the best thing you can do is take it in stride, with compassion, and keep an open and engaged mind.

Good night, Good luck

& have a nice trip…


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