Come on now, Plinkster, WTF?

I told you , I can’t do this on my own! I neeed you…


OK, I must go on, it’s so important to my readers, right? Pep, are you out there?

Well, without any inspiration to draw from, I’ll just say that today is my day off, which is a godsend. I am very tired with all of this new kitchen stuff. So I had a long and lazy morning. Watched Seinfeld reruns, sewed up some jeans that ripped on me…Took Mu out to Donner Lake and braved downtown for about 10 minutes, but it’s a freaking mad house since it’s a Saturday…

& now I am roasting a chicken with some nice veggies. Which smells divine, but is kind of taking forever. That’s all I’ve got – just another day…

Or wait, here is a cool new song! Hannes remixed the Souls of Mischief – he really is a clever lad.

Souls Of Mischief – 93\’ til Infinity (Hannes Fischer Remix)


One thought on “Abandoned….

  1. pepper says:

    of course i’m here! where would i be if it weren’t for your posts? You cannot abandon me to a world of wordless strife.

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