What can’t you say no to?

What things are impossible for you to turn down, at work, at home, at play?

Do you know why I love you, WordPress? It is because you make me think!

And I know, that a lot of my answers to these questions do not require too much deep thought, but it is nice to get out of the standard patterns of my head, and think – about something else.

So as always, there is no brain surgery going on ’round here, but I did have to mull this one over for a moment. The one thing, that I will pretty much never turn down, whether I am at work at play, at home – hell, if I’m driving a goddamn car right then and there – I will drink a glass of wine.

Oh I know, you must be so shocked and surprised! But it’s true. Wine is my one and only anytime fix.

So thank you wine, you have seen me through thick and thin, & if you have, perhaps made me an alcoholic – so be it!


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