How long do you think you could go without a shower?

What an awesome question! Very thought provoking…

I like my showers – took two of em’ yesterday! But I can go without. I lived with a lady who was very conscientious about water use, and she really changed my habits, had me down to about one a week.

I also went to Burning Man once, but I was totally spoiled and our camp had it’s own shower, so I was still on about one a day – or at least I’d chase around the water truck for a while (they very graciously spray down hot & dirty Burners, free of charge!)

But in all seriousness , I think a week is my limit as far as comfort is concerned. But if the world went to shit tomorrow, I would hike down off this snowy mountain and just jump in a river every week or two. And probably sometimes still twice in one day.

This is California, so I have that luxury. Like I said, I’m spoilt!


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