Road Trip!

Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

I think the best would be the most recent, when Pep and I went up to Portland for a few days… I might be classifying it as “best” because it is the freshest in my mind, but really, I think it wins the title, as it was the most assured road trip we had ever made.

We took a beautiful route up through California, stopped over at my Ma’s place up in Humboldt (she was out of town & only Julia was home, we all watched a movie) and then kept heading north the next day. Around the point where I usually start getting tuckered out, on that particular course, Pep took over the wheel, and got us through the last leg, and into the city (she is a much better city driver than I!).

We stayed at the Portland hostel on Hawthorne, and went to the Backstage for drinks and pool, where we met up with some of my P Town buddies, and then over to British Mikes for more refreshments. The next day we went out to Pepper’s friend’s apartment. Clara was a most gracious hostess, and she drove us around for the rest of our stay while we indulged in my favorite restaurants, bars, and finally out dancing…we also did a fair share of shopping. This was an unprecedented indulgence for me, and I have the rubber cowboy-boots to prove it!

Then we bid farewell to my friends, and to Pep’s girls, and drove back south – along the coast, stopping again in Humboldt (this time at my aunt & uncles) and then the next night with sister Ali in the big City! One last night of revelry with Ali and her boy and then home to the mountains.

So a few elements here; 1) I never get to see Pep, now that she lives on another planet, so that was top notch – and we were able to reminisce over how crazy we have been, and marvel that we killed no one along the way!

2) The drive was perfect, we weaved around bad weather and had lovely views and no freak-outs to speak of, and we saw much of our favorite countryside, and coast-sides too!

& 3) We both got to see all of the people we wanted to, & hardly any of the ones we didn’t – and had a wonderful, creative, and adventuresome time altogether.

It sounds like Pepper and Craig might even be moving to Portland next year, which means I can go back to visit again and again!

Bonus: If you’re feeling all glass half empty, the worst road trip. Or describe a road trip you’d like to take and why you want to take it.

Any road trip I have ever taken has always been good, at least so some degree. As I mentioned in the vacation-question-post, my ideal would be all the way up to Alaska…It looks like I might be able to fly up there around the spring solstice, which will be wonderful, if it works out…But still, a drive up, and a nice long cruise on the ferry, through the Inside Passage would be really perfect!

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