Taxation Without Representation

Describe the perfect crime. A crime that could take place somewhere you know, or at a company you’ve heard of, or even in the future or the past. Something where either it’d be impossible to get caught, or that somehow no one (who didn’t deserve it) would be hurt.

Oooh – I got it, I got it! Extend ridiculous tax breaks to the filthy rich and then let all us poor schmucks of America pick up the tab! No one gives a damn if you steal from the poor – and no one is really getting hurt… they just have to work a little harder, and longer, for less. Builds character!

Another option is to start your own bookkeeping service…most entrepreneurs aren’t savvy enough to tell if you are skimming off the top, and even if they might be, they are probably too busy worrying over orders and customer service to catch it any time soon… The bookkeeper that was stealing from us, was pulling one over on several other businesses in Reno, and I am pretty sure she put a couple establishments out of business entirely. But here are the standards that define her, from a piece of trash junkie crook.

1: She is a Christian

& 2: It is legally considered a White Collar Crime, and therefore not worth the Reno D.A.’s time.

Bonus: by definition, is a perfect crime ever possible?

As long as you say your prayers, and bleach yer collars. You can probably get away with it. & dear, sweet baby Jesus is setting up a special place, just for you – in hell.


2 thoughts on “Taxation Without Representation

  1. Tyler says:

    Hey Rya,

    Probably the last person you want to hear from, yet I can relate with what you are going through. I have no magic words nor a perfect formula to get through losing a business. However, I lost a business and I compare it to watching a loved one slowly lose their life. The same steps for the grieving process apply and I am the first to admit I am not through this process yet. Be proud that you were willing to take the risk to make a dream happen (as hollow as it sounds) and find a 9 to 5 to get you through in the mean time. After that, I am not sure…its as far as I have gotten.
    You are still the best writer i have ever read and the paper sun is still in the window. Give your dog a good rub down and I will do the same. I am sorry, for what its worth, and I am cheering for your come back.



    • Rya says:

      Hi Tyler – It is really good to hear from you, & thank you for the kind words!
      You are right, I lost a friend and then lost the business, the two were pretty intertwined, and there is a grieving process that I think needs to be respected on both accounts.
      I hope things are looking up for you as well – & remember, whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

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