What is your favorite word? Why?

I have a lot of favorite words… overall, I typically like most words more than I like most people. So I had to think about this one for a bit.

There are long and beautiful words, artistic words, historical ones, obscure ones.

So many words that I forget to use some of them for years on end! & it is always reassuring to me to know, that there are words out there that I have never even met yet. There are words I have read & written, but don’t pronounce them correctly, & words I can say, but never seem to get the spelling right, no matter how hard I try!

But as I was sitting and taking a moment to think, which I can typically be found doing in front of the telly about this time of day…I was watching endless clips of what-all went down in Egypt today, and the word that holds the most profound meaning for me finally came to mind.

That word is “peace”. It is not a long or flowing word, it invokes no colors or tones. It is not a word that is going to win you too many points in too many crowds these days – in fact if you happen to use it too regularly, you would likely be written off as a silly hippie!

Peace is one of those words that has been essentially drug through the dirt for years and years, so that it is now so tarnished – you can hardly see it for what it is at it’s core. In fact, the only word I can think of that has been more maligned by popular over-use and abuse, is “love”. Which is a word that I am still actually at odds with… I can only digest the word love in a very general sense these days. Paint love in the broadest of strokes, & I might be able to follow, for a bit. But peace is a word I will side with any day.

Whenever I make a wish, on the rare occasions I might think to pray – I do so in the name of peace. Peace in my life, peace in my heart.

& Peace on Earth!

(Just one more concept we have been kicking around so long that no one knows what it might even mean any longer. I mean, just think of the implications! Peace on Earth would mean that no one is hungry, no one is poor. No one fears for their life, or the life of a loved one. I’m willing to bet you ten dollars, if you sat and focused on the matter, for a good & full ten minutes – you can’t wrap your head around Peace on Earth!)



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