Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation, at this point in time, would be to hop in the car (which I would be totally confidant is up for the trip!) and head north. Slowly & meanderingly… I would go up the coast, and stop in with friends and fam along the way, but not stop until I reached the top!

That means a little time in Humboldt, a little time in P Town, and then up through Washington state, and catch the ferry in Bellingham. From there I would take the boat through Queen Victoria Sound and into SE Alaska – my only traveling companion would be Mr. Mu and my iPod, and Super Su, the invincible Subaru!

I would catch the spring bloom, which comes a bit bit late thereabouts, and just wander rather aimlessly, collecting art and such – since this is my dream vacation – I can afford anything I can stuff in the car – or feesably ship back – I always wanted a totem pole in my backyard!

Bonus:  describe your last vacation. (extra-bonus, is to compare your dream vacation to your last one).

My last vacation was the road trip Pep & I made up to Portland, which was a splendid good time – and I couldn’t be more pleased that her & Craig plan to move there next! The main difference between that and my current ideal is the ability to bring along Mu, and the ability to keep on keepin’ on, and not worry quite so much about gas money!


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