What’s something you never believed until you experienced it?

That owning a business is a level of responsibility not fathomed until you are truly in the thick of it!

I know current business owners that still don’t know this one… Until you are working the numbers, and the shifts, there is no comparison. & as stressful as running a kitchen might be for me now – and it is… I never could have known how hard it is to be the point man – how lonely it is at the top, until I  looked the mess in the eye.

Unfortunately, I am a poor fit for the profile, since I am not a man – and by my own emotional hindrances, I have yet to venture back down from the peaks of “at the top” -ness.

Oh well.



One thought on “Bid-nass

  1. Kaseygirl says:

    Rya, I so completely agree! It’s the American dream, right? But…… No one tells you how unbelievably hard and hellish it can be at times. I am seriously considering starting a business owners therapy group!!!!!!

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