Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

Well, at first I was gonna say I’m a pragmatist, since I was dealing with having the bulk of my day off, but trying to keep productive just the same…

So I went online to investigate why my tax refund was put on hold…and got down to the heart of the matter. As it stood, not only do they intend to keep my $900, but they also intend to collect an additional $9,000 from me!

True to IRS agent form, the dude asked me if I could pay all of it TODAY. I think I have done enough swearing up in hea for the month, so suffice it to say – I said no. I didn’t freak out on him, too badly, really. & I actually managed to pump him for some pretty good information – but I was still pretty upset.

I spent another few hours on the phone with the IRS, getting transferred around in circles… Until I gave up and finally called my ex-business partner/ ex-boyfriend… which started out a bit rocky as well, but ended up on a good enough note. He has actually been making payments in to this account that the Service seems bent on holding me personally accountable for, and it seems like it might just be a glitch in the system. By the way, I know everyone holds the IRS in rather low regard, but very few of you are aware just what a mess the system is! It is honestly mind boggling, to see how poorly this department communicates with that department, and how many other important facts fall between the cracks with these folks. Just remember, it’s not the individuals fault, so don’t be mean to them – play nice, & mebe they will even help you out, a teeny bit. They aren’t allowed to help too much, but maybe a teensy-weensy…

So at this point, I am determined to be an optimist, at least to some degree. I know I won’t be getting any refund (so-long, snow tires) but at least I can get the rest of this mess straightened out – and if nothing else, at least I found out what was hanging over my head, before it just dropped right on me like a baby-grand piano!


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