Death and Taxes

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

I’m so glad you asked! I just got an email about my tax refund being late, and it listed the 1-800 number to call and see what’s up. So I call, & get through the first few prompts and the computer lady voice asks for my social security #.

So I type it in, and she says it’s not valid, and then pretty much hangs up on me, but only after wasting my time with a bunch of bullshit IRS blather – the lousy bitch…

So I tried the website, and they thought my social was legit, but then all they could tell me is that there is a delay in processing my refund. You have to understand that for the past several years the bastards have seized my refund. & each time, I get all hopeful that I might be allowed to keep the one little shred of my own hard earned money, like almost everyone else in the country is allowed to, and therefore takes for granted.

I have been accused of stealing, because we had fallen behind on our taxes, after being robbed, by a regular burglar, twice – and by our cunt-faced bookkeeper, continuously. & even though we produced proof on both of these accounts, the authorities had no interest in considering our side of the story (talk about a waste of time – who gives a shit about a pack of punk-ass kids, right?). And because I did everything I could to keep the business afloat through those dismal days (we also lost out business partner; to the needle and the damage done, as Niel sez…), by continuing to buy food to cook at the restaurant, and by paying my employees – I am the fucking thief.

Bull fucking shit.

I’ll be ok without the refund, it only means I can’t get snow tires, and it appears to be done snowing for the winter anyhow…

And I would like to take a moment now, and a reality check, by sending a little love and light to Egypt, who put on a fantastic show of solidarity today, after suffering conditions I can’t even really fathom – so I guess I’ll just quit bitching, and watch a movie. Like a good little spoiled American girl.


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