What is your favorite sound?

2 minutes of crossing chords with delay !!

Alright, so I just spent like, two hours trying to find my favorite sound. I searched through iTunes, and then wandered around Soundcloud…this Life In A Box track is the closest I could come to it.

I have this one bar or two, of this one song in my head. It is made almost entirely of these 2 or 3 synth chords. I guess that’s what you would call it…

In dance music, this is a very popular sound effect, & I know – many folks frown upon electronic music, but the basis of my affection, for this sound does tie directly back into nature – as we shall see in a moment.

But first I just want to say that this dear little sound of mine, goes all the way back to Paula Abdul for me. She had an album of dance remixes “Cold Hearted” & all that – & I had a copy on cassette! I wonder what happened to that…

Anyhow, the sound carried, through the years and the genres, if you will. Dance Music, Electronic, Electronica, Drum & Bass, Trance, House, Glitch, and now into Whomp Whomp…er, something like that. I have actually been wondering what the next name is, should be, might become.

All the same, there is something inexplicably satisfying and reassuring about hearing some of the old tracks, and remembering all the rest that came with the songs. The upside of my tireless searching for a clear example of this sound, through the endless grip of my iTunes-es – is that my iPod is now fully reloaded, with some of my old favorites; The Beaties, Mushroom Jazz, & DJ Shadow! So that will be nice, to start out the new week.

The nature of this elusive sound is that it is not just a note, it’s not even just a chord, but it is a chord progression. & that is how the music really reaches us. Ever notice how a certian part of a song always makes you feel sad? Or perhaps hopefull? It is the movement through the chords that expresses that.

& that brings me to;

Bonus topic: Since we did the sound of your own laugh recently, here’s a bonus – what is a sound you’ve never heard, that you hope to hear someday?

Huh, well, I guess I mis-read that the first time through. I thought it asked what sound I have not heard recently, but hope to hear againSo I’m just gonna answer the question I made up – right.

It is very similar to my favorite sound, but occurs in nature. It is the sound that a raven makes when he is happy in his spruce tree by the sea. I have really only heard it in Alaska – though I once almost got a local Truckee raven to do it, it wasn’t quite complete. It is not a caw or a cackle! In fact it’s the furthest sound in the world from that!

It is a progression, of tones, not just two notes, but a mix of layers, like a chord, but not confined by rules or keys or strings. It is like the sound of a drop of water, hitting the surface of a still pond, if a drop of water was not under contract to always say “bloop”. I guess it’s stupid to try and explain this sort of thing… but I remember, the two or three times I had the privilege, of hearing those ravens say that word of theirs, was so exquisite.

I hope to get back there someday.

& I have not given up on encouraging the locals to give it a try.

Breathe & oldie but a goodie from Telepopmusik


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