Open to Suggestions…

How do you define the word friend?

A friend is someone I do not have to lie to. The quality of a friend, to me, is dependent from there, on how little I need to omit in the course of a conversation. My best friend is Pepper, I do not have to lie to her – and I will only omit topics if I feel my personal safety will be improved by doing so.

We got in an honest-to-goodness fist fight (well, to be totally honest, it was more of a broken whiskey bottle and metal hook fight – fun!) once, and since we both survived our friendship has been that much stronger. I don’t expect most people to go that far (most = 99.999%).

Just someone I can talk to, without too much filter. That’s a friend.

NaBloPoMo Bonus Round:

(National Blog Posting Month, an offshoot of National Novel Writing month, which was founded by the awesome Chris Baty)

What are three things you can do to be a better friend to the people in your life?

1) Show up and be supportive! I am missing Steph’s birthday party at the Pastime right now (sorry sweetie – but I’s skairt of the Po!) & I’m also missing volunteering with the boys for Stone Soup (I gave you my recipe and let you use the kitchen – ain’t that good enough?).

2) Listen better! I’m always just waiting for you to finish up and shut yer hole so’s I can show you up with my brilliant retort.

& 3) Oh, hell I dunno – I guess just care more right? See, I am a hyper-sensitive creature, and all of you have hurt my feelings enough times that I have essentially constructed an impenetrable emotional wall around myself. At at this point I am hard pressed to think of anyone, who is not related to me by blood, that I actually care about more – than my dog (mebe Pep, but she and I are on opposite corners of the Earth, so…). I never have to lie to my dog – or mince words. If there is anyone out there who can handle my bad attitude it’s Mu, the king of dogged loyalty. Most humans are just a pain in the ass anyhow!

Ha ha – just kidding – of course – right…

Gosh, I wonder why I don’t have more friends?


One thought on “Open to Suggestions…

  1. pepper says:

    you personal safety huh? guess you forgot that rule when you broke the whiskey bottle over my head! ha! haaa haaaaaa heee hee hooho ha hhhhhhhrrrmmpphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whhhaaaaaahhhaaaaaa haaaaa!

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