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Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

Honestly, (heh) I am a big fan of omission…I am a lousy liar, I don’t care for the stuff and am not all too convincing. However, I have developed a skill for picking & choosing what truths to tell. I actually think I developed this through writing, since I have so many ideas that it is often necessary to apply a pretty serious filter in order to get anything down!

Additionally, I like this tactic to be used, not only by me – but AT me as well, I am very sensitive to just about anything, so yes, sometimes I do think that ignorance is bliss.

Bonus twist: how does your opinion on truth jive with your opinion of wikileaks?

I think Wikileaks is awesome!  I am still quite intrigued to know what all they dug up on the banks, but he must have negotiated that away for his freedom? So there we go, the concept of brutally honest information is a fine ideal, but in the long run it will bite thee in thy arse.

Photo double twist: Take a picture of a thing that expresses a truth.

This guy knows Cab...


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